Despite $13 Million Settlement, LinkedIn Is Being Overrun By SPAM and Scams

Money Scams Hit LinkedIn

What has happened to LinkedIn? The professional networking site used to be a SPAM-free zone but something has happened this year and LinkedIn is now a haven for SPAMMERS and scammers. Take, for example, the message I received from “John Salisbury” allegedly “Senior Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking – at the Royal Bank of Scotland” who asked […]

Fan Art Drives Engagement and Makes Your Brand Hip & Cool

McDonald's Burger King Fight

Brand fans creating art is nothing new. Sharpie fans, for instance, share so much fan art, there is an entire brand-sponsored blog dedicated to showcasing their work. Fast food fans have depicted epic battles between Ronald McDonald and the Burger King. And, we’ve seen illustrations, gifs and fan fiction around brands ranging from Regal Cinemas to The Cartoon Network’s […]

Chicago News Station Uses Nazi Symbol in a Story About a Jewish Holiday

Chicago Local News Uses Nazi Image on Yom Kippur

A Chicago news station ran a story about Yom Kippur this week and got into hot water when they used a stock image of a Nazi yellow star that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. Yep, you read that right. In a story about the holy holiday, Yom Kippur, a news report used an image […]

Trump Continues To Defy The Rules of PR & Media Relations … And, It’s Working For Him

Trump 22

Like many PR pros, I’ve been watching the Trump presidential campaign with utter fascination. Politics aside, this is a study in media relations that leaves many people scratching their heads as statements that would be tantamount to political suicide for any other candidate, seem to elevate The Donald to new heights. And, in some cases, I […]

Syrian Refugees Speak With Their Hosts Through Emojis & WhatsApp

Buzzfeed Editor Takes in Syrian Refugees

While eating lunch and answering emails today, I was half-watching CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interview a Buzzfeed editor who has taken in a family of four Syrian refugees. As I was only half-listening, I didn’t get the editor’s name and was only able to snag this (terrible) photo of the segment before Brooke cut away. But, what got my attention […]

Lowe’s Stands Up To Racism; Increases Positive Online Sentiment and Brand Loyalty

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse logo. (PRNewsFoto)

Today, I have to give props to the home improvement empire, Lowe’s. You may have seen the story: an ignorant, racist customer called Lowe’s to complain that the company sent (gasp!) a black man to deliver an item she’d purchased at the store. Marcus Bradley has been delivering for Lowe’s for eleven years and has […]

Bic’s Epic Backlash For Sexist Social Media Post

Bics EpicFail Women

The Bic pen brand is in trouble with women again. You may recall a few years back when Bic released a new line of PINK pens designed “to fit comfortably in a woman’s hand.” The ensuing backlash led to an official apology from the brand and some pretty hilarious reviews on Amazon. Well, Bic is at […]


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