Is Ello As Privacy-Focused As They Claim?

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As you know, the privacy-driven social networking site, Ello, began a BETA-launch media blitz last week that has secured them media coverage in nearly every possible outlet and made them a trending topic on Twitter overnight. The site is still in invitation-only BETA, which is a brilliant marketing move because the invites are becoming more […]

What FDR Teaches Us About Crisis Communications

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If you haven’t been watching the Ken Burns documentary, “The Roosevelts, An Intimate Portrait” you’ve been missing out. Personally, I am a Roosevelt nut. I’ve read all the biographies and seen all the fictional movies. And, still, I learned things from this documentary that I never knew about them, particularly about Teddy, who was just […]

Facebook Demands Drag Queens Use Their Real Names

Comments taken form The Daily Dot's reporting of this story.

There are a couple of groups no one should ever tangle with online: Mommy Bloggers and Drag Queens. But, Facebook just can’t seem to help themselves in their latest fight with the latter group. Apparently, the social networking site has been threatening to shut down the profiles of drag queens until they use their legal […]

Retailer Faces Social Media Backlash Over “Holocaust Shirt”

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The Spanish fashion retailer, Zara, has removed a tee-shirt that sparked a massive backlash on Twitter. The item in question is a striped tee-shirt with a large yellow star designed for children. The retailer claimed the design was inspired by the “sheriff stars from the classic western films.” However, thousands of people in traditional and […]

Ferguson Police Tactics Equal PR Fail

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Like so many of you, I have been stunned by the images of a militarized police force in Ferguson, MO harassing, tear gassing, arresting and even beating citizens who are protesting the police shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown. For reference, here is a quick timeline of the events: On Saturday August 9, Michael Brown […]

Online Privacy Survey


Hey readers, Do me a solid and please take this Online Privacy Survey for me. ( It will only take a couple of minutes but it will help me immeasurably. Please share it through your social networks to help me get the best sample possible! – Jennifer    

Hashtag Activism Changes Chipotle’s Open Carry Policy


A few hours ago, a photo depicting two heavily armed men standing in a Dallas Chipotle began circulating the web. The accompanying copy encouraged customers to share the image with the hashtag #BurritosNotBullets and to let Chipotle know they should prohibit “open carry” activity inside their stores. The copy also reminds people that Chipotle serves alcohol. The topic has become a […]


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