State of The News Report Delivers Digital, Mobile and Social Trends

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 4.26.12 PM

Pew issued a new report on the State of the News Media report detailing the good news – and the bad news – about the news. Here are the highlights: The explosive growth over the last year at digital native sites includes a wealth of top-name journalists, but the biggest group of journalists – some 38,000 – are still […]

OkCupid Encourages Customers To Drop Mozilla

OkCupid Takes On Mozilla

The internet has given rise to many forms of protests over the years. From petitions and calls to boycott shared through social media to weaponized hashtags, a phrase beautifully coined by The Wall Street Journal’s Jeff Yang when reporting on the so-called #CancelColbert controversy, the interwebs seem to have been made for shared outrage. But, today, […]

Facebook and Twitter Make Moves Toward Traditional Media

The New Web of Influence: Traditional and Social Media Combined

It was announced this week that Facebook hired veteran journalist, Liz Heron of The Wall Street Journal to help better connect the network with media organizations. This is fresh on the heels of Twitter hiring NBC’s Vivian Schiller to head up their news partnerships. In a perfect commentary on her new role, Heron announced this […]

Charity’s Guerilla Video Brilliantly Drives Text Donations

SOS Children's Villages International's Experiment to Show How We Help The Child In Front Of Us

We’ve all seen the ads on TV featuring starving, homeless or otherwise suffering children while a concerned voice begs us to help. Of course, it’s all too easy to fast forward or mute or change the channel when it’s just an abstract image on TV from some far away land. So, when the Norwegian branch of […]

Top Ten Funniest Atlanta Ice Storm Facebook Posts

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 12.12.22 PM

Some of y’all may be aware that Atlanta is under siege from another ice storm today. You may recall people used social media to help rescue stranded drivers just 14 days ago as wrecked and abandoned cars littered our ice-covered streets and interstates. With more than 100,000 people out of power so far today and […]

Facebook May Embrace Anonymity & Privacy


Since its inception, Facebook has always demanded its users register with their real names on the site. This, of course, has been the cornerstone of the social network’s popularity as people could easily find old and new friends and the source of the company’s profitability as personal information became its internal revenue stream. But now, […]

President Obama Forgot to Run a Light Test Before Speech


I am watching the President deliver a speech in Wisconsin. What he is saying about jobs sounds good. Unfortunately, my boyfriend (aka “The Professor”) and I keep getting distracted by the clearly visible “wife beater” tee-shirt the president is wearing under his shirt. In fact, we stopped listening to the President’s speech as we debated […]


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