Millennials Want Brands To Support Their Social Causes

Millennials Want Brands To Support Their Causes

Pinpoint Market Research reports that “twenty-somethings” want something more from brands than just a product or service; they want social, political and community action. The market research company surveyed 1,650 men and women aged twenty to twenty-nine in the U.S. about social issues and brand engagement. The study shows that U.S. consumers age 20-29 want brands […]

A Rebuttal: Social Media Is NOT A Waste Of Time

image source: Adweek

Today, I read Janice Billman’s article on Huffington Post asking if “social media is sucking the life out of you.” In her article, Ms. Billman declares that she hates social media and that it is an anti-social waste of time. Now, it is true, social media can take up a great deal of your time. […]

Facebook to Add Craig’s List Like Features For Trading

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According to Mashable, Facebook is rolling out new features that will enable users to buy and sell goods, much like Craig’s List. People have been able to trade goods and make purchases in groups, but now users can now select a “sell” button. Mashable’s Rex Santus explains: Individual slots can be filled out to specify price and […]

Kanye’s Beck Diss: Good Publicity or Pure Idiocy?

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Everyone is talking about Kanye West’s behavior at the Grammy’s again. And, some might say that’s a good thing. After all, the man didn’t win any awards Sunday night, so he had to do something to get attention. Any publicity is good publicity, right? My answer is an emphatic no. Bad publicity is quite simply bad publicity. […]

THIS: New Social Media Site Wants To Unclutter Your Social Streams Logo

There is a new social media site on the scene. It’s called This. Unlike Ello, “This” isn’t make any bold statements about being the anti-Facebook. But, nonetheless, the site is attempting to address one of the biggest complaints Facebook has been hearing lately: too much clutter because on “This” – people can only share one link […]

Should NBC Fire Brian Williams For Lying?

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.44.53 AM

What’s up with Brian Williams? The NBC Nightly news anchor admitted yesterday he lied about having been aboard a helicopter that was struck down in Iraq in 2003. And, this wasn’t just a one-time “misspeak” – as they say. This was a lie he repeated over and over again for many years. Most recently, in a […]

Musicians And Music Professionals Must Master Marketing As Well As Their Instruments


Composer/Instructor, Dr. David Mitchell and Marketing Leader, Jennifer Jones to Present at the College Music Society Conference on Marketing Your Music Online ATLANTA, GA – January 29, 2015 – Musicians, educators and music professionals face a myriad of new challenges today. While the costs of recording, producing and distributing music have decreased, the opportunities to […]


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