Crisis Communications Case Study: Brookhaven PR Director Wrongly Accused of Racism By Disgruntled Photographer

Cherry Blossom Festival Models

There is a rather interesting PR story brewing here in Atlanta that perfectly illustrates why – in a PR crisis – you need to get your message out first and FAST. Here is the scoop: Over the past weekend, the Communications Director for the city of Brookhaven (a newly incorporated suburb of Atlanta) was fired […]

How-To Buy The Right Domains and Protect Your Brand


Let’s talk domains. Everybody has them. Everybody needs them. And, it’s very important to think through the total scope of the domain when purchasing them. Here are a few recent examples of the most common problems people run into with domains. THE GOOD: Today, Taylor Swift thwarted the Nasty-Name-Co-Opt-Problem when she cleverly purchased her name with the […]

Companies Need To Deliver Work/Life Balance to Attract Twenty-Somethings

Patrick Pinchette

A big story circulating online today is that Google’s CFO is retiring. Not huge news there, I know. Corporate executives retire all the time. And, the reason he gave was to spend more time with his family. Seriously, how many times have we heard that one?! Here is the thing though – he actually meant […]

Windermere Cay Apts Tries to Fine Tenants For Negative Reviews – Resulting In Negative Reviews

You're Doing the Internet Wrong Award

In today’s installment of You’re Doing The Internet Wrong, I bring you Florida’s Windermere Cay apartment complex. In an effort to quash any negative online reviews, the management for the Winter Garden apartment complex handed out notices to tenants advising that they will be fined $10,000 if they place a bad review online. How exactly, they […]

Brilliant Movie Marketing: Unfinished Business Offers Free Celebrity Stock Photos

Unfinished Business Stock Photos

Just when you think you’ve seen it all with movie marketing, the latest Vince Vaughn comedy, Unfinished Business has taken things to a whole new – and hilarious – level. As marketers, we are all too-familiar with cheesy stock photography. Well, since this new movie is about a business trip gone awry, the marketers at Twentieth […]

How-To Market Your Music Online: Case Studies and Trends in Music Promotion and Licensing

Music Marketing Presentation

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting How-To Market Your Music Online to the College of Music Society with my fiance, composer and music professor, Dr. David Mitchell. The presentation covers: Music consumption trends The profit model for streaming music The profit model for downloading music The profit model for music video sharing The profit […]

Pinpoint Market Research Study Says Millennials Want Brands To Support Their Social Causes

Millennials Want Brands To Support Their Causes

Pinpoint Market Research reports that “twenty-somethings” want something more from brands than just a product or service; they want social, political and community action. The market research company surveyed 1,650 men and women aged twenty to twenty-nine in the U.S. about social issues and brand engagement. The study shows that U.S. consumers age 20-29 want brands […]


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