Why Amy Schumer’s Fake Fall Is Brilliant PR: The Power Of Humor Marketing

Amy Schumer Falls In Front Of Kayne West Kim Kardashian

If you have a newsfeed of any kind, you’ve probably seen headlines about comedian Amy Schumer falling down in front of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian at Time’s 100’s Gala. The fall was faked; a stunt the comedian decided to pull when she realized she was standing next to the most photographed couple in the […]

Why You Must Source Images: Pasta Company Chooses Decapitation Painting For Product Label

Middle Earth Organic

Today, I came across a perfect example of why you should always fully source the images you plan to use (or your designer plans to use) in connection with your brand. It seems a pasta sauce company, Middle Earth Organics, features a famous Italian painting on some of their product labels. The image shows a young woman who […]

How-To Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly So You Don’t Lose Your Ranking In Google


Today, Google is updating it’s mobile search algorithm so that mobile-friendly web sites (ones with large text, easy-to-click links, and that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on) will rank higher in search than non-mobile sites. In fact, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will get demoted, regardless of how relevant your content is to searches. […]

Priest Watches Star Wars Episode VII Trailer And, It Is Sublime (And, Good Content Marketing)

I admit, the interwebs have taken a strange turn when I actively seek out a video to watch someone I don’t know, watching something else I’ve already seen. But, that happened to me just a few minutes ago when I saw a Facebook post about a priest watching the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer. And, […]

Affleck and PBS: Why Quashing Stories Is Rarely The Right PR Move

(photo credit: AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

Over the past couple of days, my newsfeeds have been all aflutter with reports that actor/director Ben Affleck demanded PBS edit their celebrity ancestry show “Finding Your Roots.” It seems that an ancestor of Affleck’s once owned slaves. Affleck didn’t want that information to be on the episode, according to a series of emails between his […]

Crisis Communications Case Study: Brookhaven PR Director Wrongly Accused of Racism By Disgruntled Photographer

Cherry Blossom Festival Models

There is a rather interesting PR story brewing here in Atlanta that perfectly illustrates why – in a PR crisis – you need to get your message out first and FAST. Here is the scoop: Over the past weekend, the Communications Director for the city of Brookhaven (a newly incorporated suburb of Atlanta) was fired […]

How-To Buy The Right Domains and Protect Your Brand


Let’s talk domains. Everybody has them. Everybody needs them. And, it’s very important to think through the total scope of the domain when purchasing them. Here are a few recent examples of the most common problems people run into with domains. THE GOOD: Today, Taylor Swift thwarted the Nasty-Name-Co-Opt-Problem when she cleverly purchased her name with the […]


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