Are Your Sales People Damaging Your Brand?


I have to admit, I’ve gone back and forth all day about whether or not to blog about this. But, ultimately, the story I’m about to share is an excellent example of why brands need customer journey research to truly understand their customer’s experience and to see how sales people are representing and/or damaging their brand. There […]

Psych Majors Take to Twitter in Response To Jeb Bush’s Insult

Jeb Bush Disses Psych Majors

Jeb Bush’s campaign manager may want his candidate to get his head examined … and that could turn out to be a difficult task. It seems a few days ago while at a South Carolina town hall, the Republican presidential hopeful insulted psychology and liberal arts majors, suggesting that college students should consider fields of study that won’t […]

SXSW Scrambles After Gamergate Misstep; Considers an All-Day Event Dedicating on Online Harrassment


As I just reported, SXSW lost Buzzfeed as a sponsor when the festival canceled panels on violence against women because gamer-boys threatened violence against the women panelists. Well, SXW just lost yet another sponsor:  Vox Media announced they would withdraw from the event if SXSW didn’t reinstate the panel. Now, the festival is scrambling to backtrack […]

Buzzfeed Dumps SXSW For Canceling Panels on Violence Against Women in Gaming Because Gamers Threatened Violence Against the Women Panelists

SXSW Cancels Panels Gamergate

On Monday, SXSW announced they were canceling two panels on violence against women in gaming after receiving threats of violence from gamers. The irony alone is enough to make a person want to scream. Members of the “Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games” panel featured women panelists who had previously been targets of harassment, including Randi Lee […]

Why Messaging Matters in PR & Social Media Engagement

Anatomy of a good PR Message

Let’s talk messaging. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain the value of a strategic messaging workshop to new clients. And, it boggles my mind that anyone would dive into media relations or social media engagement without first defining their brand, their value and story. So, let’s take a moment to review the […]

Facebook Admits The App is Draining Your Battery


Has your smart phone been dying a quick death every hour or so? If so, you’ve got Facebook to blame. Facebook has finally admitted their updated app is draining our battery power faster than usual. It seems, the new battery menu in iOS 9 is using more than its fair share, and now – through a […]

Outfront Media Denies Thinx Subway Ads For Being ‘Too Racy’ – Creates Free Publicity for Thinx

Think Ads Deemed Too Racy For New York Subway

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to your brand, can also be the best thing. Outfront Media, a company responsible for reviewing the advertising for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) just did the Thinx brand a big favor. Although Outfront has found themselves in hot water by refusing approval for period-proof underwear ads because they consider them […]


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