THIS Is Viral Marketing: Make My Logo Bigger

Sometimes I meet people who think wanting a web site to be viral will automatically make it so. I’ve wanted John Cusack to play “In Your Eyes” outside my window on a cool summer night since 1989– but it hasn’t happened … yet.

If you really want something to move virally it has to be funny, provocative or educational. It has to get a reaction from your target audience.

I came across a great example today:

Every designer and marketer on the planet has heard a client say “make my logo bigger” in some form. The web dev Agency Fusion created this web site and video for a cream that will instantly make your logo look and feel bigger! The tongue-and-cheek aspect of slapping a client around a bit, mixed with the nod to other creams claiming to enhance the size of certain things, guarantees this gets passed around. That’s how I found out about it — a friend thought it was funny and sent it my way. In fact, truth be told, I’ve had ten friends send it to me so far…and I expect more to come.

The length of the vid breaks all viral rules; but the content is well worth it.

I also love that they are truly branding the phrase (and thereby themselves) with apparel, mugs, bumper stickers and more. Well done Agency Fusion! This is fantastic!

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