Social Media Sites You Should Know

A lot of people ask me about my favorite social media sites. This is a challenging question to answer given that every day new sites emerge and bring with them great possibility. Likewise, the best social sites are the ones that speak directly to your target audience, so in many ways the whole “favorite” or “best” question is really subjective to the content.

That said, I have compiled a list of the social sites that have already proven to drive traffic and some that I believe are going to gain critical mass because of their niche status.

And, listen, when it comes to social media, do not forget about message boards/forums. I have yet to find any other medium in which you can spark conversations faster and generate content that moves online among target groups. Just use caution in message boards; don’t try to be clever. Be transparent or you will be flamed, ruthlessly. If you can talk the talk, do so. If you can’t just be honest about who you are and your intentions.

I will update this list as new sites are identified. In the meantime, happy socializing!

Agent B (deal/promotions site)

ArmChair (sports)

AutoSpies (cars)

Babblz (parenting)

BallHype (sports)

BuzzFlash (news)

Care2 (social action)

DayTipper (tips on a variety of subjects, gardening, cooking, auto-mechanics, etc.)

Dealigg (deals)

Digg (news)

DesignFloat (design)

Dissect Medicine (Health & Medicine)

DNHour (Domaining)

DZone (Developers)

Game Diggity (Game Videos)

Hacker News (Web Development)

Hugg (Environment) (Shopping)

KillerStartups (Startup Reviews)
LinkedIn (professional networking)
Meme or Lame (Gadgets)

Mixx (Anything)

PhotographyVoter (Photography)

Pixel Groovy (Web Design)

Plant Change (Environment)

PlugIM (Online Marketing)

qoolsqool (Education Resources)

ScoreGuru (Sports)

ShowHype (Entertainment)

Sk-rt (Lifestyle)

Small Business Brief (Business & Entrepreneurship)

Sphinn (Search engines and Online Marketing)

Stylehive (Fashion)

tipstrs (Tips & Tutorials)

TTiqq (Tips & Tutorials)

Tweako (Computers & Technology)
Twitter (News)
Value Investing News (Investing)

VideoSift (Videos)

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