Where Parents Are Online

It’s no secret the U.S. is in the middle of another baby boom (birth rates are higher than they have been in 45 years and adoption rates have increased for the first time in 50 years). It seems the blogosphere has taken notice as new results from a BuzzLogic study show that parent-focused blogs reign online. The research company analyzed 10,786 blog postings from July 1-28 2008 to uncover what’s being said and who holds the key to that all-so important online influence.

So, what are the hottest topics among parents and soon-to-be moms and dads?

–Home schooling is the most popular “education” topic, with 37% of the influential posts.

–Inappropriate content concerns rank high with 34% of the posts related to “television and film entertainment” for kids. (The recent marketing campaign for Gossip Girl had influencers in the “parents” search up in arms over the provocative nature of the ads’ imagery.)

— 30% of the top blogs discussing “food” and “nutrition” covered food allergies.

–Similarly, 23% of the top influential blogs on “food” and “nutrition” were concerned with meals at school and offer advice on what to put in lunches to keep your children smart (i.e. proteins and veggies).

–18% of posts related to the term “kids” are focused on travel.

And, who holds the attention of this cash-spending target audience on these topics?

— Regarding kids, MomLogic is the most influential blog. The site offers advice on everything from planning birthday parties and how to get kids to help with chores.

— Regarding travel, the Flyaway blog ranked high among the respondents. This blog provides a cheat sheet of the best toys to keep kids occupied on flights and car trips. Other influential posts look at ways to teach children to stay safe when traveling to the beach and tips on traveling with infants.

— Regarding food, the Fairly Odd Mother blog is highly ranked and discusses peanut and milk allergies and offers ways to keep kids safe while not at home, as well as nutritional information about various popular food products.

— Regarding entertainment, Jossip’s post on the above mentioned campaign was the most influential conversation, as it described the Parents Television Council’s outrage and overall expectations of backlash from parents.

— The most influential post about education, especially around the term “mother” is from the Life Without School blog, discussing the new trend of home school “unschooling” – learning through experience and not at a desk.

The bottom line opinion from BuzzLogic: “Parents are very checked-in, vocal, and opinionated.” (No kidding. If you’ve ever seen a little league game, you won’t be surprised by that statement!) “And, they are using the blogosphere to debate a variety of topics and gather advice. Influencers are debating hard-hitting family topics as well as more fun-oriented concerns.”

So, conversations once held over the hedges and at the bridge table or BBQ are now happening online. Further proof if you want to reach your target audience do not dismiss blogs.

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