The Super-Fantastic Corporate Confusion Game Is Brilliant

It’s a rare occasion when one discovers true brilliance on the web, but ladies and gents, today is one of those moments. Y’all have heard me blast “consultant-speak” and buzzwords here and in my videos. This kind of writing is the antithesis of good communication and does nothing to promote action or understanding. Well, my friend Justin Rubner introduced me to his company a while back and it seems they share my thinking.

The Content Factor is an Atlanta-based company that develops marketing content (blogs, marketing collateral, site copy, advertising, webinars, podcasts, etc.) for a wide variety for clients. In order to demonstrate their value, they have developed the most hilarious and effective B2B viral campaign I’ve seen since Make My Logo Bigger.

It’s a quiz called The Super Fantastic Corporate Confusion Game in which you are challenged to determine what a company does based on that company’s actual description (taken from their web sites or press releases). I don’t even want to spoil it for you by detailing any of the copy because it is that good. And, the best part is how you are scored in the end! (It’s a bit long with 8 questions, but when you do get through it, the results will make you laugh out loud).

I imagine these guys are gonna see a lot of coverage on this as well as new business because I can’t see any company arguing for gobble-dee-gook speak after taking this quiz.

Well done guys! You’ve made my day.

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