LinkedIn Delivers C-Levels and other Decision Makers

File this under perfect timing. While driving back from a new business meeting today, a colleague and I were discussing LinkedIn as an SM channel where we could connect with the C-level audience this company would be targeting. Meanwhile, waiting in my inbox was a report detailing new demographics from LinkedIn.

It seems we were right. If you want to connect with C-level execs, EVPs/SVPs and other high level decision makers, you’d better be using LinkedIn. And, I don’t just mean pasting a profile up there and waiting for something to happen. Like all social media channels, LinkedIn is about community – about give and take. You will get out of it only what you put into it.

In terms of who is gathering together in this corner of the web, LinkedIn has released some amazing demographics to support their announcement about a separate targeted advertising venture.

According to the site, LinkedIn surpasses Forbes, WSJ, CNNMoney and BusinessWeek in terms of C-level executive reach. (It also delivers more EVPs, SVPs and VPs than the previously ranked channels).

Other interesting tidbits include:

More than 3,000,000 LinkedIn users listened to iTunes in the past 30 days. (connecting the dots, this makes podcasting a great strategy).

More than 2,300,000 have more than 3 PCs in their homes.

More than 1,800,000 own a blackberry or Treo device. (Again, mobile campaigns should connect).

More than 2,500,000 researched or reviewed products online last month.

More than 1,900,000 looked for or gave advice online last month. (The LI Q&A section has always served me well).

In terms of their new advertising portal, the site claims 27 million registered users, according to comScore, 5.2 million from the U.S. visited the site in July (8.7 million worldwide).

Most social networks have a hard time selling ads at more than $1 CPM, but LinkedIn’s rate card shows display ads starting at $30 CPMs and going up to $76.50, and text ads range from $12 to $20 CPM.

If nothing else, the site is proving to be the source for web savvy leaders. It will be interesting to hear from folks who’ve employed the new targeted ad portal. In the meantime, the community aspect of the site continues to be a great place to develop new business and connect with targeted leaders.


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