Using Twitter Right; Top Women in Social Media

Today, I have a sort of round-up from the web in terms of a couple of blog posts I found useful.

SocialTimes wrote an interesting post on Why The Average Person Can’t Figure out Twitter. In it Nick O’Neill makes compelling arguments for the value of this tool and the hurdles to using it right.

What it really boils down to is that many people quit too soon because they aren’t following the right people. And, I have to admit, when I first began using it more than a year ago, I was “following” nearly 300 people. I use quotes here because in truth, although I was subscribed to follow them, I quickly realized two things: 1.) I cannot possibly keep up with that many tweets in any meaningful way and, 2.) most of those tweets did not deliver any real value to me. So, I took the time to truly identify the folks and channels that actually delivered value to me. I still follow around 100 people, but I do genuinely read their tweets – most of them anyway.

Nick also emphasizes the importance of following people who are hyperconnected within the world of social media. And, sure this helps. But, I think Nick has left out the most important means for making Twitter valuable: community. So many people treat Twitter and Pownce and Jaiku and others as if they are one-way RSS feeds. If you do this, you will never achieve any sort of critical mass within the community. Twitter, like all forms of social media, requires the social part. It’s not enough to follow a few people, you should comment on and link to and share tweets within the group. If someone you’re following asks a question or seeks advice or has a survey, answer them, help them, and fill it out. The more you participate in their tweets, the more people will participate in yours.

Immediate Influence Blog’s Ron Hudson compiled a list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Social Media. I’m sorry to say, no, I did not make the list. That tragedy aside, there are some amazing women and terrific resources in this post that you should all check out. I’m happy to say that some of my personal favorites were included.

Incidentally, Ron compiled this list via a call-out for nominees on Twitter. Another great example of how to use tweets for good.

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