Social Media Still Growing Despite Recession

I know that this is a trying time for so many people. But, there is a light at the end of the economic tunnel for forward-thinking marketers. According to¬†Online Media Daily,¬†marketers are “directing their 09 budgets toward content, custom media and social media initiatives.”

More than half–56%–of marketing and publishing decision-makers plan to increase their content marketing spending next year.

31% expressed their intention to increase spending on content significantly, while 25% said they planned to increase it slightly.

Even in the face of dramatic cutbacks and decreased budgets, only 4% of respondents said they planned to decrease spending on content dramatically next year, while 9% said they planned to decrease it slightly.

Surveyed marketers were very clear that social media will be at the top of their investment list next year.

In terms of most important products/tactics, social media–other than blogs–resonated with 68% of subscribers, followed by e-newsletters/email (60%), blogs (56%), case studies (55%), online video (51% ), white papers (46%) and microsites (43%).

The make-up of survey participants was: 42% corporate marketers, 22% traditional publishers/media, 19% marketing/advertising agencies, 15% custom publishers and 3% association marketers.

In addition, 85% of the surveyed audience makes marketing purchase decisions for their organizations.

So, I know times are tough folks. But, stay focused on the trends, new ideas, new technologies and remember – a good strategy is always a great value to those who need it.

(Some content pulled from the reporting of GAVIN O’MALLEY of Online Media Daily).

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