Top Selling Non-Game Apps of 09

If you’re a digital nerd like myself, you’ve probably set your DVR to record CNBC’s “Planet of the Apps – A Handheld Revolution” tonight at 10pm EST.

In anticipation of the show, here is CNBC’s list of the top selling non-gaming apps of 2009 that have helped the iPhone app store average $200 million every month in sales. See if your favorites made the list!

10. The Moron Test
The Moron Test lets you know if you, your family or your friends are idiots.

Category: Entertainment


Price: $0.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later, iPod Touch

9. Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Mobile office software like Word, PowerPoint, iWork, etc.

Category: Business Seller:

Quickoffice Price: $9.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 and later, iPod Touch

8. Pocket God
Episodic microgame that gives players control over the lives of the game’s pygmy characters.

Category: Entertainment

Seller: Bolt Creative

Price: $0.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later, iPod Touch

7. ColorSplash
Convert photos to black and white with select details in color.

Category: Photography

Seller: Pocket Pixels

Price: $1.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 2.0 or later, iPod Touch

6. SlingPlayer Mobile
Set your home TV and DVR on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Category: Entertainment

Seller: Sling Media

Price: $29.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later, iPod Touch

5. Golfshot: Golf GPS
Access 27,000 golf courses, including GPS rangefinder for distances to front, center and back of green, GPS aerial view and professionally mapped targets per hole.

Category: Sports

Seller: Shotzoom Software

Price: $29.99

4. TomTom US & Canada
Get turn-by-turn directions, detailed mapping and lane guidance for complex multi-lane exits. Category: Navigation

Seller: TomTom International

Price: $69.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or iPod Touch

3. Textfree Unlimited

Send unlimited free texts for a whole year to any US mobile phone. Replies are free, too. Category: Lifestyle

Seller: Pinger, Inc.

Price: $5.99 Requirements: iPhone OS 2.2 or later, iPod Touch

2. At Bat

League and club news coverage, including through the offseason, with videos and an archive of the 2009 season game stats and video highlights.

Category: Sports

Seller: Major League Baseball

Price: Free

Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later, iPod Touch

1. MobileNavigator North America

Transform your iPhone into a mobile navigation system using the latest map material from NAVTEQ.

Category: Navigation


Price: $59.99

Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later, iPod Touch


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