Twestival via Twitter Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, 175 cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals, bringing together Twitter communities to raise money for the 1.1 billion people around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water. The organizers have set a goal of $1 million dollars, with 100% of all donations going to the cause.

This is a terrific use of Twitter. I especially like the way Charity: Water built out Tweet The Facts on their site making it very easy for people to share the organization’s message around Twitter. I can tell you it’s working because I found out about the event after seeing a tweet from a guy I follow who is participating in the UK Gumball Twestival where they will travel 700+ miles interviewing participants and submitting mobile tweets along the way. (You can use the Google maps to follow their progress as well).

How you can participate:

— By attending one of the events detailed on the city sites.

— Uploading or buying music at

— Taking part in the t-shirt design competition.

— Donating to charity: water.

The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers. It started when a group of London-based Twitterers decided to organize an event where the local Twitter community could “socialize offline and meet the faces behind the avatars, enjoying some entertainment and drinks, tying it all in with a food drive and fundraising effort.”

We all know Twitter is fast-paced and this Twestival is no exception. The entire event was organized in less than two weeks via Twitter and as more folks tweeted about it, more cities and communities joined in.

I will do my best to follow the event and keep y’all informed of the success. All I can say is this is why I love social media! It is all about communication and collaboration and when those powers are used for good, genuine change can come.

Congrats to all of the Twestival participants!

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