Lego Biz Cards Embody The Brand

It seems when The Lego Group gives employees their business cards, they are anything but typical.

On the blog Chief Happiness Officer, Alexander Kjerulf explains that shortly after his friend Charlotte started working at the building block company, she presented him with her new business card (see image).

As Alexander points out, it is such a great way for the company to share the inherent joy in their brand. I mean, seriously, if somebody handed me this, I couldn’t help but smile! Apparently, they even match the look of the Lego person to the employee in terms of hair color, glasses, etc. (Alexander does note that these cards are only given to top management or public-facing employees).

Now, I’ve only recently jumped on the “unusual biz card” bandwagon. For a while there, it seemed like everyone was trying to get so fancy with their cards, they were missing the point of even handing out a card. I was at a friend’s party a few years back and a guy handed me a card that was made of a very thin metal and which had a sort of a super sharp star burst on one end. I mean the thing could have been a weapon. I think I may have offended him when I pointed out that since I didn’t have a purse, I couldn’t keep the card cuz putting it in my pocket would surely result in injury. I felt bad when I later realized he was really proud of his design. But, seriously – there is no way I could have put that razor blade in my pocket! I’ve also seen the half-sized business cards a lot lately. Sure, they get attention, but they are so hard to read, it really does defeat the purpose. So, as you get creative with your cards, don’t forget to think about the ultimate functionality needed.

Nonetheless, this Lego “card” definitely impressed me. So, if you know of other great cards that truly embody a brand, let me know. In the meantime, here is a fun list of 51 unusual business cards with reviews on each one.

P.S. Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for posting the Lego link on Twitter.

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