Playing For Change Makes Beautiful Music

Today I want to give a shout out to a not-for-profit that is making sweet sweet music while doing great things around the world. Playing for Change launched several months ago, but I only discovered them today – thanks to @Bargainr on Twitter. 

In short, they are “connecting the world through music by providing resources (facilities, supplies, educational programs) to musicians and their communities around the world.” On their site you will see videos ranging from communities building music schools to super cool collaborations like the one below. The story behind their efforts has become an award-winning documentary film and soundtrack.

There really isn’t a big PR or social media angle here – other than the fact that they are a part of Red Wire, a sort of musical version of the Red campaign. The fact is, this really isn’t relevant to my blog at all. I just absolutely love what they are doing and I love love love the below global collaboration. So, I wanted to share. Enjoy! (the cat from the Netherlands is straight-up-amazing!)

Reminds me a bit of the Matt Harding videos, too!

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