Sony Disses The Internet & Dell Disses Women

Here in the states, we are gearing up for a long holiday weekend and I am heading out for a ten day vacation visiting my best pal Patrick down in Florida! But, you know I won’t leave ya without a good couple of stories to discuss…

In the past few days, Sony’s CEO dissed the Internet and Dell’s Dell dissed women…enjoy!

Just for the record – I love to cook and I am interested in recipes. It’s not that they used that kind of copy on the site that’s insulting. It’s that they used ONLY that kind of copy on the site. Considering women are some of the most tech-savvy customers – at least in the U.S. – it’s such a glaring mistake to present laptops in such a pigeon-holed way.

Okay, that’s it…let me know what you think!

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