A Very Bad PR Pitch – What Not To Do When Pitching Media

I thought you all deserved a nice laugh this Friday. A reporter from the AJC posted this pitch she received up on Facebook today. She called it “How to Succeed in PR” and trust me, she’s being ironic.

Greetings Jenni (last name removed),

On behalf of our client Award Winning Off Broadway Actor [Client Name]; we’re requesting a featured front cover story about [Client Name] for Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper for June 2009; [Client Name] arrival in the Stone Mountain, Georgia district is July 1st,2009. [Client Name] will continue his Prostate Cancer Awareness Advocacy in the state of Georgia; his works have been honored by Atlanta and Macon Georgia Government Officials for February 2nd,2009 and has Proclaimed [Client Name] Prostate Cancer Awareness Day in his honor for all his hard work around the world with Prostate Cancer.

Buckingham Palace on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has saluted [Client Name] Prostate Cancer Foundation fifth year Anniversary for the month of May 2009. [Client Name] is starting a National Prostate Prostate Cancer Awareness Tour June 2009 until September 2009. Attached with this email: Award Winning Actor Relocating to Georgia.Zip (48KB)

I know this is not The Bad Pitch Blog, but I had to put it up here because this is just so laughably bad. Every single thing about it – the horrible writing, the length of the pitch, the lack of any discernible hook, the SPAM-feeling of it, an attachment (!), and my personal favorite – the request for a front page feature story! (Oh – gee, since you asked for it, sure!) I don’t mean to be snarky here, folks. But, it’s emails like this that give us all a bad name.

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