Kindness is the Best PR – Pixar Grant’s Dying Girl’s Wish

You may have heard the bittersweet story about a dying girl’s wish to see Pixar’s new movie Up. If you haven’t, there’s one reason for it: Pixar is a classy company that puts kindness before PR – which, in turn, is the best PR of all.

Here’s the story. A beautiful ten year old girl named Colby Curtain has been fighting a rare form of cancer for years. Her family was recently told she didn’t have much time left. After seeing previews for Pixar’s new animated feature, Up (which is an amazing film everyone should see!), Colby told her parents she just wanted to stay alive long enough to see the movie.

Knowing she couldn’t go to the theater and probably wouldn’t make it to see the DVD release, a family friend contacted Pixar and they came through. The animation company flew an employee to the Curtain house with a pre-release DVD and a few stuffed animals from the film. Colby watched the movie with her family and friends…and then she passed away seven hours later.

When I first heard this story on Friday, I debated whether or not to blog it because it’s such a genuinely amazing and private moment for the family and it seemed crass to talk about it in terms of good PR. But, here’s the thing that swayed me…Pixar feels the same way.

Although a lot of media outlets have run the story…there has been no comment from Pixar. No press release. No big hullabaloo of self-congratulations. And, THAT, is what makes this good PR in my book.

From what I can tell, it was the family who contacted the local newspaper to give one brief and simple interview praising the company for their kindness. Although the media reports I’ve read have all said reporters called the animation giant, each article states the company was not available to comment.

My heart aches for Colby’s family. I’m so glad this darling girl was able to experience this terrific movie. And, it’s so great to see a company that understands when to shout from the rooftops and when to simply – and quietly – just do good.

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