Why You Gotta Proof … and Proof Again (PRSA Typo in Digital Impact Flyer)

We all make typos on occassion; I’m certainly no exception. In fact, I made one this week where I’d intended to estimate 3-4 hours for something and I typed 304 hours, taking the projected costs to astronomical (and absurd) levels and I once sent an invoice for a hard d—k drive instead of “disk.” So, I don’t mean to be snarky when I point out this typo from PRSACisionevolve24, and PRNewswire.

However, I couldn’t resist telling you about it. Take a look at the program flyer for the upcoming Digital Impact conference. Yipes.

Now, as someone who once left off the “l” in “public” relations in an email (think about that one for a second), I am not one to mock the person who made the typo. But, the question is how did this get past all of the proofers and staff who must have read it over a dozen times?

Let this be a reminder to all of us to take a minute or two and proof. Let someone else who has not been looking at the document for weeks at a time read it over. It’s worth the effort because as much as we can be sympathetic to PRSA – we have all been there, after all – it still looks really really bad when a group that is all about communications messes up their own communications.

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