How NOT to Get Hired – The Real Story of a Real Idiot

I got this from a tipster on Twitter and I am just flat out amazed.

A real intern applied for work with a Fortune 500 company in New York. After the company didn’t get back to him after one full day (oh the horror!), the would-be intern sent them this reminder:

The company wrote back saying the internship had been filled, and let him know the note he sent was rude. This was his response:

A lot of psychologists and HR specialists have been talking about Millennials or “trophy kids” as some call them, regarding their attitudes of entitlement as they enter the work force since this was the first generation to get “a trophy just for playing.”

But, these emails get the first place trophy for the absolute dumbest example of Millennial entitlement I have ever seen! Did this kid really think insulting the hiring manager was the way to go here? Did he really believe that waiting a mere 24 hours for a response demonstrated some lack of professionalism on behalf of the company? Did he really believe that he was so incredibly important that this major company receiving probably hundreds of internship applicants every hour should bow down before him and beg him to send his materials?

And, take a look at the last line of his original email: I’m looking for a full time job and would not want to waste my time at an internship that was not going to lead to a full time position.

Oh. My. God. Seriously, the cojones on this kid!!!

I just took a client though a social media engagement discussion this morning – how and when to respond to brand-related chatter online – and, we talked about the importance of the instant gratification web 2.0 delivers and the expectation for quick response that comes with it. I wonder how much of an impact that has had on younger generations who only know brands through Facebook and Twitter?

By engaging these kids in social media channels, are we training the next generation to expect an immediate response on every brand request – even hiring? Perhaps I’m giving too much weight to this kid. Perhaps he was an anomaly and most people would never have such ridiculous expectations. Either way, I am astonished that only would think arrogance and insults gets the job!


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