Integrating Social Media Tools for Crisis and Emergency Communications

Last week, I gave a webinar with a super cool company called Preparis on how to integrate social media tools into emergency preparedness planning (i.e. workplace or campus violence, hurricanes/tornadoes, fires, information security breaches and more). 

In light of the horrible shooting on the UT campus yesterday and how the university kept students safe through planned text alerts and social media sitesI wanted to share the link with you all so you may start planning employee/student and partner/public communications now – before a crisis hits.

And, while I don’t usually use this blog to “pimp” my own services, this is such a critical issue – not just in terms of limited business disruptions and corporate brand perceptions – but also regarding the safety of your employees and students, I do want to mention that Porter Novelli and Preparis have productized packages to help you prepare to protect your workforce now.

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