Wheat Thins Perfectly Integrates Social Media & Advertising

I often speak with my clients about the need to unite social media activities with all other MARCOM channels. No one has done that better recently than Wheat Thins.

I was flipping channels on TV last night and caught one of those ads where the Wheat Thin people respond to tweets about their crackers that use the hashtag @CrunchIsCalling by showing up with a massive palette of Wheat Thins.

Like so many people, I assumed it was this was fake.

The ad that caught my eye last night included a tweet from @TzeoDerek that read, “@CrunchIsCalling I think the Wheat Thins commercials are uber fake.”

The result? The Wheat Thin guys tracked him down, gave him a palette of crackers and asked him to say into the camera that the ads are “uber real.”

This is brilliant. Not only did they directly address what we were all thinking. They are also letting personal interactions with customers on Twitter drive their advertising, which in turn drives more customer interaction on Twitter.

That, ladies and gents, is how you truly integrate channels.

Well done, Kraft and Wheat Thins. You’ve actually created a campaign I’m jealous I wasn’t a part of!



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