Who Says The Queen Isn’t Modern? Flash Mob at Buckingham Palace

Some people say the UK’s royal family just isn’t modern enough. Well, today, the Queen showed tourists outside Buckingham Palace just how “hip” the Windsors really are with a super cool flash mob organized by the palace to mark a reception honoring young people in the performing arts.

While tourists were waiting to watch the ceremonial the Changing of the Guard, about five people emerged from the crowd clapping and stamping their feet in unison. Soon, the dance group grew to more than 100 people giving a really terrific urban dance performance.

Suzanne Kootes, a tourist from Toronto, told the AP that the routine “made her want to join in.” An Italian tourist told the Telegraph that he “thought it would be the Queen or Kate and William arriving but this was very surprising. The different ways of dancing were unexpected. The music was cool, it really got you moving. We were just sitting taking photos and then it was there with all the clapping.”

Flash mobs were a very popular PR stunt back in the mid-90s and I’m so glad to see them making a come back, especially now that everyone has a video camera in their pocket!

Well done, Royals. That was really fun!

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