Colbert Mock-U-Ads May Impact Iowa Vote

Stephen Colbert and his newly formed Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, have released two ads that are running in Iowa asking voters to write in Rick “Parry” in the upcoming straw vote in Ames.

The ads emphasize Rick PArry with an “A for America” while showing pictures of Rick Perry, the Texas Governor who is expected to announce a presidential bid in a few days.

It’s all part of a campaign from Colbert to draw attention to campaign finance and the power of PR and advertising.  Last month, Colbert got permission from the Federal Election Commission to form his own Super PAC, which can raise unlimited amounts of money from individuals, unions, and corporations. His Super PAC can spend that money directly advocating for, or against, any candidate he wants–provided he doesn’t collude with the candidates on the ads.

While making the point that unlimited amounts of money may not be a good thing in election politics, there is reason to believe that Colbert may actually impact the outcome of the straw vote especially because his spoof ads have spurred a round of commentary in media outlets, giving the repeated visual and audio reminder of “PArry with an A”extra exposure.

The ad reased today uses images of corn shucking in a pornographic way, mocking political ads showing corn shucking as part of their imagery. In a press release, Colbert, identified as President and Summer Intern of Colbert Super PAC says, “I know that Iowans are good, wholesome people who will not be swayed by these outside groups’ underhanded tactics. They would much rather be swayed our overhanded tactics. That’s why our new ad features not just corn shucking, but ear-sizzling, hot buttered, below-the-corn-belt action that appeals to Iowans’ basest kernel instincts.”

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