Twitter Drives Sales For SMBs

tweet-small_businessA new study was released today from Market Probe International demonstrating the value of Twitter to SMBs. The bottom line: people who follow small-to-medium-sized businesses feel more engaged with the brands and are therefore, more likely to purchase from them, recommend them and share their content.  Below are the some of the key points from the study.

Followers drive recommendations and sales

  • 72% of people surveyed are more likely to purchase from an SMB after they follow or interact with them on Twitter
  • 30% of followers are likely to recommend the brand to their own networks

Recommendations drive traffic

  • 86% of Twitterers are more likely to visit an SMB’s website based on a friend’s/influencer’s endorsement

In other words, your followers can turn into customers who become brand ambassadors, creating even more customers.

Twitter followers are emotionally connected to SMBs

  • 63% of people follow SMBs in order to show support for that business
  • 85% also say that they feel more connected to an SMB after following them

In other words, Twitter helps SMBs connect with new and existing customers in positive ways.

Followers want to be plugged in and provide feedback

  • 73% of people follow SMBs to get updates on future products
  • 61% also want to share ideas and receive feedback via interactions with your brand

In other words, Twitter allows you to offer exclusive sneak-peeks of new products and industry news, enabling you to provide a real value to your followers while generating conversation that further connects them to your brand.

Twitter drives qualified lead generation

  • 34% of Twitter users say they have interacted with an SMB after seeing an ad that included the brand’s Twitter handle
  • 32% are more likely to visit brand websites after seeing promoted tweets that dovetail with their interests

In other words, Twitter ads can help you extend your reach beyond your current follower base and find users who are interested in your brand.

In my experience, Twitter remains the number one way to identify and engage with new customers while driving direct purchase. Let me know how Twitter has worked for you.


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