Facebook to Add Craig’s List Like Features For Trading

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.31.23 PMAccording to Mashable, Facebook is rolling out new features that will enable users to buy and sell goods, much like Craig’s List.

People have been able to trade goods and make purchases in groups, but now users can now select a “sell” button.

Mashable’s Rex Santus explains:

Individual slots can be filled out to specify price and product descriptions, instead of the typical single body of text you’re used to when writing a Facebook post [in a group]. Sellers can also mark the listing as either “available” or “sold” after it has been posted.

People who run so-called For Sale Groups on Facebook can nominate their group to get the new feature here.

Santus says we can expect more e-commerce and shopping features to be implemented on Facebook in the coming year.

source: Mashable

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