Pinpoint Market Research Study Says Millennials Want Brands To Support Their Social Causes

Millennials Want Brands To Support Their CausesPinpoint Market Research reports that “twenty-somethings” want something more from brands than just a product or service; they want social, political and community action.

The market research company surveyed 1,650 men and women aged twenty to twenty-nine in the U.S. about social issues and brand engagement. The study shows that U.S. consumers age 20-29 want brands involved in the social, political & economic issues they care about.

  • Seventy-nine percent choose or boycott companies based on the brand’s allegiance to social issues
  • Eighty-eight percent want to see brands “effecting real change” in the community
  • The issues they most care about: online privacy (31%); America’s debt/deficit (22%); climate change (20%); GLBT rights (15%); net neutrality (7%); police brutality/excessive force (5%)
  • Sixty percent care most about experiences/things you do; twenty-one percent care about creativity/things you create; nineteen percent care about ownership/things you have
  • Sixty-six percent plan to vote in the 2016 presidential election; twenty-four percent are undecided; and ten percent do not plan on voting
  • Seventy-one percent plan on voting Democrat; nine percent for the Republicans; and twenty percent undecided
  • Fifty-seven percent currently owe student loan debt greater than $35,000

Pinpoint Market Research anonymously surveyed 1,650 U.S. consumers. Age: 20-29. Gender: 54% female; 46% male. Annual income: 5% <$10,000; 19% $10,000-$29,999; 16% $25,000-$49,999; 26% %40,000-$74,999; 32% $75,000-$99,999; 8% $100,000-$124,999; 1% $125,000-$149,999; 1% $150,000-$174,000. Education Level: 8.33% High School or GED; 8.33% some college, but no degree; 29.17% 2-year college degree; 40.28% 4-year college degree; 13.89% Graduate-level degree. Region: 5.21% New England; 9.38% Middle Atlantic; 12.50% East North Central; 9.38% West North Central; 10.42% South Atlantic; 5.21% East South Central; 7.29 West South Central; 9.38% Mountain; 31.25% Pacific. The data has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

About Pinpoint Market Research:

Atlanta-based Pinpoint Market Research is more than just a research company. We are strategists who translate intelligent insights into actionable marketing plans. We specialize in Digital and Customer Personas; Competitive Matrix Reporting; Brand Identity IQ; Customer Journey Mapping; Messaging Audits and Strategies; Surveys, Polling and Focus Groups.


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