How-To Market Your Music Online: Case Studies and Trends in Music Promotion and Licensing

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting How-To Market Your Music Online to the College of Music Society with my fiance, composer and music professor, Dr. David Mitchell.

The presentation covers:

  • Music consumption trends
  • The profit model for streaming music
  • The profit model for downloading music
  • The profit model for music video sharing
  • The profit model for commercial/college radio
  • The opportunities for musicians to stream live concerts
  • How musicians are using crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding
  • How musicians are creating interest/loyalty through exclusive content
  • Music licensing trends in film, television, gaming and advertising industries
  • The value of social media for the music marketer to connect with target audiences
  • The new “publish or perish” model for music professionals and instructors/professors

View full presentation here:

Thank you to everyone at the conference! We had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed the concerts and conversation!

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