Why You Must Source Images: Pasta Company Chooses Decapitation Painting For Product Label

Today, I came across a perfect example of why you should always fully source the images you plan to use (or your designer plans to use) in connection with your brand.

Middle Earth OrganicIt seems a pasta sauce company, Middle Earth Organics, features a famous Italian painting on some of their product labels.

The image shows a young woman who appears to be in deep thought as she is presumably concentrating on how to prepare the best pasta sauce possible.

However, that young woman actually comes from a 1598 painting by Caravaggio.

And, when you view the painting in full, you see it’s not the cooking of a delicious tomato and mushroom sauce that has her so focused, it’s actually the fact that she is in the middle of decapitating someone.

The full painting is called Judith Beheading Holofernes.

Middle Earth Organic

Not exactly the most appetizing of scenes, particularly for a blood-red, tomato sauce!

Please, people, do your homework. Source your images to ensure you aren’t infringing on copyright issues – which may be the case here – and to ensure you aren’t using an image that is the antithesis of the emotion you want to convey – which is definitely the case here.


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