Celebrating Daily PR Wins Empowers Your Teams

winning_award_nominationsAnyone who works in PR knows it’s all about those little (and big) wins throughout the day. Maybe that evasive reporter finally takes your call. Or, that article you¬†fostered for months and months finally hits and it’s everything your client wants. Maybe a new client comes on board or you surpassed your goal for scheduled media briefings at a conference. Or, the social media conversations you drove increased the client’s brand sentiment. (All of these happened this month for us.) Whatever the win, it’s important to celebrate those moments with your team every day.

I’ve held nearly every agency position in my PR career – from intern on up to President – and I can distinctly remember the pure joy I felt when that one reporter would bite after dozens rejected my pitch. After weeks of smiling and dialing, I would literally do a happy dance at my desk and even call my mom to tell her about it.

So, at Brandware PR – where we are all about the wins – we’ve devised a new way to celebrate those moments.

gongWe now have the Win Gong.

Whenever someone in the agency achieves those big (and little) wins, s/he takes a moment to strike the gong and is met with cheers from his/her colleagues.

Then, s/he drops a note in the bowl detailing the win. At the end of the month, during our agency meeting, we take a moment to pour those notes out on the table and read through them, celebrating the breadth of our success.

I am sharing this in part to brag on my amazing team, but also to spark discussion about how other agencies recognize these wining moments.

A day in the life of a PR pro moves fast. And, it can be filled with rejection. But, in my experience, perseverance and creativity always win the day and  when your team knows the whole office will be celebrating with them, it can make all the difference.

How do you acknowledge your team’s successes? Let me know in the comments below.


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