YouTube Shorts Adds Voice Narration

YouTube Shorts is adopting another popular TikTok feature as the platform now allows creators to narrate over videos. Content creators use voiceovers to enhance Shorts by explaining how to do something, add insight or humor.

Before this update, YouTube didn’t make it easy to add your voice to a recorded video. You would have had to record your voice while creating the video.

Being able to add a voiceover to YouTube Shorts after recording is yet another demonstration of TikTok’s influence on social media and content creation.

How To Add A Voiceover To YouTube Shorts

After recording a YouTube Shorts video, you can add a voiceover by:

  • Tapping the checkmark button in the bottom right of the camera screen.
  • Tapping the voiceover button.
  • Moving the vertical white line on the video filmstrip to the spot you want to start your voiceover.
  • Hitting the red record button to start recording and tap it again to stop recording.

You can playback the video with your added voiceover before publishing to ensure everything syncs correctly. If you’re unhappy with how the voiceover turned out, you can tap the undo button and re-record it.

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