Facebook Tests New Stories-Like Notifications to Boost Engagement

As Facebook continues to lose ground to TikTok, the platform is constantly trying to figure out new ways to keep people engaged. Facebook’s latest experiment

Why Logo Design Matters: A Georgia Elementary School is Under Fire

Logo design is a unique art. There are some logos that are pure genius – especially the ones in which brand messages are hidden, such

How To Ruin Your Good Guy Image With One Slap

At last night’s Academy Awards, we saw a man destroy the “good guy” image he’d spent decades curating. The story goes like this: Chris Rock

Facebook Embraces Its Image as an MCU Villain With Proposed Rebrand to Metaverse

Facebook is planning to rebrand itself with a new name focused on the “Metaverse.” Set aside that the name sounds like an MCU villain, the

Redefine the Grind: Finding Balance in American Work Culture

I recently turned 49. It’s a troubling number for me in some ways. As I near the ol’ 5-0, I find myself taking stock in

Let’s bring back old school phone calls in the workplace to counter zoom fatigue

It’s been more than a year now since we’ve all been living the pandemic life. For me, that’s meant working from home, and while I’m

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