To Go Live or Not To Go Live – That is the Question Clients Are Asking

Ever since Facebook launched their live video offering last April and Congress staged a live sit-in via Periscope last June, clients and colleagues alike have been

Why Cheerios’ Cause Marketing Campaign Is Brilliant and On-Brand

Not that long ago, my step-daughter and I were talking about the alarming decline in the bee population and the lasting implications a lack of

Chili’s Staff Treats Autistic Child with Kindness; Drives Brand Loyalty and Positive Social Sharing

We’ve certainly all seen the posts online. A customer in a restaurant gets terrible service. A hard-working waitress gets a mean note on the bill.

Speedo Drops Ryan Lochte: How-To Protect Your Brand From Bad Behavior

Well, we all knew this was coming. Disgraced Olympian, Ryan Lochte has lost his first major sponsor. Speedo dropped the swimmer due to Lochte’s fabricated a

Why The Message Matters – Even More Than the Medium

I wanted to share an article I wrote this week for PRDaily about the importance of messaging. We spend so much of our time today

Brands Hit and Miss Paying Tribute to Prince – Tips on How To Do It Right

I was at work when the first reports of Prince’s death popped up in my new alerts around 10:30 last Thursday morning. Like millions of

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