Five Stats on Using Social Media For B2B Lead Generation

Since 2008, I’ve been talking about the value of social media as a lead generation tool for B2B companies. And yet, it seems there are still

How-To Buy The Right Domains and Protect Your Brand

Let’s talk domains. Everybody has them. Everybody needs them. And, it’s very important to think through the total scope of the domain when purchasing them. Here

Companies Need To Deliver Work/Life Balance to Attract Twenty-Somethings

A big story circulating online today is that Google’s CFO is retiring. Not huge news there, I know. Corporate executives retire all the time. And,

Windermere Cay Apts Tries to Fine Tenants For Negative Reviews – Resulting In Negative Reviews

In today’s installment of You’re Doing The Internet Wrong, I bring you Florida’s Windermere Cay apartment complex. In an effort to quash any negative online reviews,

A Rebuttal: Social Media Is NOT A Waste Of Time

Today, I read Janice Billman’s article on Huffington Post asking if “social media is sucking the life out of you.” In her article, Ms. Billman

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