Why Twitter Is Not Dead – And Isn’t Going Anywhere

This morning, I read an article on TechCrunch about Twitter winning an exclusive deal with the NFL, giving the social network the right to live

Anatomy of a good PR Message

Why Messaging Matters in PR & Social Media Engagement

Let’s talk messaging. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain the value of a strategic messaging workshop to new clients. And, it

Outfront Media Denies Thinx Subway Ads For Being ‘Too Racy’ – Creates Free Publicity for Thinx

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to your brand, can also be the best thing. Outfront Media, a company responsible for reviewing the advertising

Tim Hunt Shows Us The Epic Failure of Non-Apology-Apologies in Crisis Communications

Today, I want to talk about the non-apology-apology. It’s generally employed when someone says something offensive – which I grant you is very easy to do

Crisis Communications Case Study: Brookhaven PR Director Wrongly Accused of Racism By Disgruntled Photographer

There is a rather interesting PR story brewing here in Atlanta that perfectly illustrates why – in a PR crisis – you need to get

Windermere Cay Apts Tries to Fine Tenants For Negative Reviews – Resulting In Negative Reviews

In today’s installment of You’re Doing The Internet Wrong, I bring you Florida’s Windermere Cay apartment complex. In an effort to quash any negative online reviews,

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