State of The News Report Delivers Digital, Mobile and Social Trends

Pew issued a new report on the State of the News Media report detailing the good news – and the bad news – about the news. Here are

Facebook and Twitter Make Moves Toward Traditional Media

It was announced this week that Facebook hired veteran journalist, Liz Heron of The Wall Street Journal to help better connect the network with media

Atlanta Mayor Shows How NOT To Talk To Reporters

As I’m sure you are aware, the city of Atlanta is currently paralyzed by icy snow leaving hundreds of thousands stranded to sleep in their

Company Responds to Marina Shifrin’s “I Quit” Video

You’ve likely seen the video going around the web today featuring Marina Shifrin in her office at 4:30 am dancing her way to a resignation as a digital

Bad News for Digg – Valuation drops from $160m to $500k

It’s a sad day for Digg, the once super cool social bookmark site has dropped from a valuation of more than $160 million to the

The Evolution of Social Media – A Look Back and Ahead

As you know, I’ve just rebranded and relocated from Blogger to WP. While organizing my old posts dating back to 2007, it was fun to see

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