Are Your Sales People Damaging Your Brand?

I have to admit, I’ve gone back and forth all day about whether or not to blog about this. But, ultimately, the story I’m about

PepsiCo and Harley Davidson Explain Needed Disruptions in Agency Models

AdAge just published a very interesting article featuring comments from PepsiCo exec, Brad Jakeman, at the annual “Masters of Marketing” conference, in which he criticized agencies

Lowe’s Stands Up To Racism; Increases Positive Online Sentiment and Brand Loyalty

Today, I have to give props to the home improvement empire, Lowe’s. You may have seen the story: an ignorant, racist customer called Lowe’s to

Millennials Avoid Debt and Seek Deals

Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR released a study showing that “twenty-somethings” want to lead debt-free lives as they eschew credit cards, car loans

Five Stats on Using Social Media For B2B Lead Generation

Since 2008, I’ve been talking about the value of social media as a lead generation tool for B2B companies. And yet, it seems there are still

Brands Embrace Marriage Equality In Response to SCOTUS Ruling

A couple of months ago, my market research company released a study advising brands to embrace the social causes twenty-somethings care about. Among those causes

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