Microsoft Vies For Hip Image Via Stunt

Consumers tend to associate “creative” with Mac and “corporate” with Microsoft, a brand position which Apple has brilliantly and consistently fostered since the infamous 1984

Wanna Reach Women? Blog It!

A new social media benchmark study by BlogHer and Compass Partners shows that 36.2 million women actively participate in the blogsophere every week, with 15.1 million publishing

Pontiac’s Social Scavenger Hunt Falls Flat

It’s a mad mad mad mad mad world for GM Canada as they’ve concluded a three-city interactive campaign for the new Pontiac Vibe called “Catch the Vibe.” But, in

Green Marketing: Hype or Hope?

This weekend, a pal asked me if I thought “green” was going to fall off soon from too much hype. Interestingly, today, a reporter-friend asked

When Marketing Becomes PR

I’ve been asked a lot lately about the blurring lines between marketing and PR. It’s certainly true what was once a clear and distinct difference

Trends in Product Placement

JANUARY 23, 2008 Apologies for not posting for a while; I was laid up with the flu and am just now back to my ol’

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