Is Ello As Privacy-Focused As They Claim?

As you know, the privacy-driven social networking site, Ello, began a BETA-launch media blitz last week that has secured them media coverage in nearly every

Facebook Demands Drag Queens Use Their Real Names

There are a couple of groups no one should ever tangle with online: Mommy Bloggers and Drag Queens. But, Facebook just can’t seem to help

Online Privacy Survey

Hey readers, Do me a solid and please take this Online Privacy Survey for me. ( It will only take a couple of minutes but

Public Schools Monitoring Student Social Media Sites

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Glendale Unified School District hired a company called Geo Listening to look at the public social media posts of

Twitter Launches “Do Not Track” Feature

Twitter announced today  it will offer a “Do Not Track” option that will let users opt out of being tracked through the service. The plan was

Telematic Billboards Tailored Just For You

This is either super cool or super scary. As usual, I’m of split minds on the subject because the marketer and technology nerd in me

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