Retailer Shows Us Why Fonts Matter

As PR pros, we are increasingly tasked with creating content for our clients. This requires more than just good story-telling skills, it also requires a

Top Tips To Giving a Great Skype Media Interview via Professor Kelly and the BBC

  In our agency’s meeting training workshop, we help clients prepare for every interview eventuality. Increasingly, this includes live video interviews via Skype and Facebook.

CNN and The Hollywood Reporter Face Backlash Over The Future of Media Cover and Tweet

The Hollywood Reporter and CNN are seeing significant backlash for their recent cover story presenting the news leaders who are “fighting CNN’s new war.” Take

Brands Hit and Miss Paying Tribute to Prince – Tips on How To Do It Right

I was at work when the first reports of Prince’s death popped up in my new alerts around 10:30 last Thursday morning. Like millions of

Are Your Sales People Damaging Your Brand?

I have to admit, I’ve gone back and forth all day about whether or not to blog about this. But, ultimately, the story I’m about

Psych Majors Take to Twitter in Response To Jeb Bush’s Insult

Jeb Bush’s campaign manager may want his candidate to get his head examined … and that could turn out to be a difficult task. It

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