Facebook Launches Original Programming on New Watch Platform

Today, Facebook announced more information about their new original programming, which will start airing on their Watch platform. After months of speculation about the social network

Museum Promotes Itself Off Author’s Name

If you know me at all in real life beyond the little ones and zeroes that bring us together here, you know my all-time favorite

SocialTV Twist Jaguar Responds to Mad Men

If you know me at all, you know I am a huge fan of Mad Men. Last night’s episode included the shocking departure of one

The Future of Facebook is Television

As the countdown to Facebook’s IPO continues, the media is all a’flutter over the expected valuation, whether or not Facebook ads really work, the public’s

From an Idea to $120m Through Good Branding – Make it Personal & Your Customers Will Make It Successful

Today, I read a THR article announcing that SkinnyGirl creator, Bethenny Frankel has leveraged the worlds of reality TV and social media to land a $120mm acquisition of her

New Ford Fiesta Tweets, Blogs, FourSquares, and Offers Custom Apps

It’s a sign of the times, ya’ll. How would you like your next car to Blog? Yep. Your next car could Blog, Tweet, automatically check-in

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