Currahee Brewing Company Uses White Nationalist Lingo and Imagery, Reminding Everyone Why You Should Check the Meaning of Co-opted Terms

Now, the co-owner of the Georgia-based beer company issued a statement insisting he didn’t know what “Boogaloo” meant when they named their beer after it

ABC Reporter Forgot His Pants for GMA Interview – New Media Training Reminder: Be Fully Dressed!

Just a few days ago, I took a new client through media training. We covered everything from how to use “bridges” to stay on message;

Connected Comms Selected to Launch Used Toy Trading App, Operation Playtime

New App Allows Parents to Pass Along Toys Their Kids’ Old Toys, Keeping Them In the Hands of Children Who Want Them and Out of Our

How Companies Are Responding to Covid-19 With Crisis Plans and Remote Working

As we all know, covid-19 is spreading across the globe and we are already seeing its effects as conferences and events are cancelled, entire school systems are

Racists’ Attack on Honey Pot Drives Increased Sales as Boycott Fails

As some of you know, Target released an ad in February celebrating a black woman–owned company that sells feminine products and it sparked a flood

Connected Comms Selected to Launch Affordable, Feature-Rich Physician Booking App, DocNow

New Platform Features Low Annual Premiums, No Booking Fees and a Wait List to Instantly Backfill Cancellations that Delivers Revenue to Doctors and Convenience to

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