Companies Finally Accept That Open Workspaces Are Terrible

Today, I read an article from Inc. acknowledging the absurdity of the open workspace trend. I have to say I am thrilled to see the

Backlash from Peloton Ad Causes Company Shares to Drop by 9% or $924 Million

We’ve all seen the jokes over the years of hapless husbands gifting their wives vacuum cleaners and irons for the holidays and the fights that

Connected Comms Selected to Lead Thought Leadership Programs for the CX Agency, Macquarium

ATLANTA, GA – November 2019 – The virtual public relations and marketing agency, Connected Comms has been selected to lead thought leadership programs for the

When Customers Attack: Why A Modern-Day Crisis Comms Plan Is More Important Than Ever

Today, your crisis plan needs to account for more common and damaging situations including customer boycotts and violence.

What to Watch for PR Pros: Movies and TV That Will Help Your PR Strategy

I’m both a movie junkie and a PR junkie – which means, I absolutely love movies and TV shows that focus on my industry. With

PR Explained: From Media Relations and Influencer Engagement to Content, Crisis Planning and Digital Communications

“What is it that do you do exactly?” It’s the question that has plagued every public relations professional since the dawn of time. I’ve worked

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