PepsiCo and Harley Davidson Explain Needed Disruptions in Agency Models

AdAge just published a very interesting article featuring comments from PepsiCo exec, Brad Jakeman, at the annual “Masters of Marketing” conference, in which he criticized agencies

Ogvily's Anti-Littering Campaign

Brilliant Behavior Marketing: Ogilvy’s Anti-Littering Campaign

Did you know that Hong Kong produces more than 6.5 million tons of trash each year? Me neither. But, the Hong Kong Clean Up Initiative,

Companies Need To Deliver Work/Life Balance to Attract Twenty-Somethings

A big story circulating online today is that Google’s CFO is retiring. Not huge news there, I know. Corporate executives retire all the time. And,

What We Can Learn From The Drunk Girl Video Backlash

There has been a great deal of buzz about the “drunk girl” video that made the rounds on the interwebs last week. If you haven’t

Edelman Called Out For Advising Oil Companies to Attack Pipeline Opponents

I came across an interesting article today from Hamilton Nolan of Gawker in which he calls out Edelman for advising oil companies to attack their opponents.

“Marketing” Agency Busted For Bribing Bloggers

Hamilton Nolan of Gawker told a story yesterday that will both entertain and enrage you; it sure did me. It began when Hamilton received an email from