Leap Motion Leads The Way of the Future

Some of the best advice I ever received was from a friend who said the gaming industry is the place to discover what’s next in

Telematic Billboards Tailored Just For You

This is either super cool or super scary. As usual, I’m of split minds on the subject because the marketer and technology nerd in me

The Evolution of Social Media – A Look Back and Ahead

As you know, I’ve just rebranded and relocated from Blogger to WP. While organizing my old posts dating back to 2007, it was fun to see

Facebook Launches Deals to Compete with Groupon

Facebook is finally launching local Deals in five cities today — a feature that will compete with Groupon. The five communities in this soft launch are San

If You Don’t Want Facebook Telling People Where You Are – Disable Places

So, you’ve heard about the new Facebook Places, right? It’s a Foursquare style feature that lets you check in at whatever super cool place you happen to be

New Ford Fiesta Tweets, Blogs, FourSquares, and Offers Custom Apps

It’s a sign of the times, ya’ll. How would you like your next car to Blog? Yep. Your next car could Blog, Tweet, automatically check-in

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