What FDR Teaches Us About Crisis Communications

If you haven’t been watching the Ken Burns documentary, “The Roosevelts, An Intimate Portrait” you’ve been missing out. Personally, I am a Roosevelt nut. I’ve

Retailer Faces Social Media Backlash Over “Holocaust Shirt”

The Spanish fashion retailer, Zara, has removed a tee-shirt that sparked a massive backlash on Twitter. The item in question is a striped tee-shirt with

Atlanta Mayor Shows How NOT To Talk To Reporters

As I’m sure you are aware, the city of Atlanta is currently paralyzed by icy snow leaving hundreds of thousands stranded to sleep in their

J.C. Penney’s PR Blunder Spooks Wall Street

The number one rule to public relations is “own the story.” Get your facts out there first and fast. Well, J.C. Penney found a new

Company Responds to Marina Shifrin’s “I Quit” Video

You’ve likely seen the video going around the web today featuring Marina Shifrin in her office at 4:30 am dancing her way to a resignation as a digital

How-To Handle a Social Media Crisis: McDonald’s Sets The Record Straight

 A web hoax that falsely suggests McDonald’s is charging African-American customers more because of a string of robberies is causing a PR headache for the

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