Viral Marketing and Instant Celebrity

Today, I learned about John Fitzgerald Page. While I am loathe to contribute to his newfound Internet celebrity, the whole story is a fascinating study of

When Entrepreneurs Can’t Do PR Anymore

Common Sense PR has an interesting post called When Entrepreneurs Can’t Do All The PR Anymore about “the golden period” when an entrepreneur can do everything him/herself and

Marketers Accepting Social Media

Guideline recently asked B2B and B2C marketers to rate the effectiveness of various online marketing tactics. Almost all marketers surveyed used some form of social media.

The Social Media Election

When I arrived at the polls yesterday morning, I was shocked by the massive crowd that had already assembled. As I took my place in

Trends in Product Placement

JANUARY 23, 2008 Apologies for not posting for a while; I was laid up with the flu and am just now back to my ol’

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