Good PR Comes From Good Citizenship

Today’s topic is proof that good PR need not be complicated. There is photo going around Facebook that shows a sign on the door of

Bought Into Facebook Yet? Single Hard Copy Shares Available

Facebook opened on the stock exchange today. The shares jumped 13% this morning up to $43 per, but have returned back to around $38 as

A Message to Graduates: Fear is Good

Well – it’s graduation time, y’all. This year, my-second eldest niece is graduating from high school and headed to college where she will learn everything

Twitter Gets Big Investment, Positions for IPO

Twitter received a “significant amount of funding”today from current investors and a new investor Russian-owned, Digital Sky Technologies, which also holds significant stakes in Facebook, Groupon, and

Millionaire Whines on Facebook, Creates Social Media Backlash

A millionaire saw the backlash of poor form on Facebook this weekend. Gurbaksh Chahal posted to his Facebook page that his car dealer messed up his

More MySpace Layoffs

Poor MySpace.  Honestly, I remember when it seemed so cool and fun and everyone was there. But, then, people who aren’t designers began designing their

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