J.C. Penney’s PR Blunder Spooks Wall Street

The number one rule to public relations is “own the story.” Get your facts out there first and fast. Well, J.C. Penney found a new

Bad News for Digg – Valuation drops from $160m to $500k

It’s a sad day for Digg, the once super cool social bookmark site has dropped from a valuation of more than $160 million to the

Hyundai’s Bid for Fuel Efficiency Month is Clever PR

We PR pros, often take advantage of National [Something] Days/Months/Weeks to help make our clients’ news relevant and, let’s fact it, there usually is a

Social Media Explained Through Bacon

It’s Hip to Be Gay – Brands That Support LGBT Find Fiercely Loyal Customers

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the announcement that surprised no one. No, I don’t mean that Tom and Katie split, although, that was

How Social Is Being Used To Drive Business

How are social networking and social software impacting businesses now and in the future? A new research report co-authored by MIT’s Sloan Management Review and

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