Bad News for Digg – Valuation drops from $160m to $500k

It’s a sad day for Digg, the once super cool social bookmark site has dropped from a valuation of more than $160 million to the

“Marketing” Agency Busted For Bribing Bloggers

Hamilton Nolan of Gawker told a story yesterday that will both entertain and enrage you; it sure did me. It began when Hamilton received an email from

Wikipedia is Dying; Nobody Edits Anymore

We all know on Wikipedia, anyone can edit. The problem is, nobody wants to. Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales made an announcement at this year’s Wikipedia

British Newspaper Forgot To Write a Headline

A better sign of the times I’ve never seen. The British newspaper The Times and Citizen forgot to replace filler text with a headline on their front

The Connections Between Social Media & Search

You’ve heard me say this before, but it bears repeating again and again: the single greatest selling point for a social media campaign is that

Government-Owned Newspapers? I Don’t Think So

Strange things are afoot at the FTC, ladies and gents. Very strange indeed. First, on Monday the FTC announced that Bloggers, Facebook posters, and Twitterers will be

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