ABC Reporter Forgot His Pants for GMA Interview – New Media Training Reminder: Be Fully Dressed!

Just a few days ago, I took a new client through media training. We covered everything from how to use “bridges” to stay on message;

Why I Celebrate Scaramucci’s Departure From The White House

Today, Anthony Scaramucci left the White House, resigning his post as Communications Director after only ten days. Truth be told, I celebrate this. And, not for

Top Tips To Giving a Great Skype Media Interview via Professor Kelly and the BBC

  In our agency’s meeting training workshop, we help clients prepare for every interview eventuality. Increasingly, this includes live video interviews via Skype and Facebook.

Celebrating Daily PR Wins Empowers Your Teams

Anyone who works in PR knows it’s all about those little (and big) wins throughout the day. Maybe that evasive reporter finally takes your call.

Why The Message Matters – Even More Than the Medium

I wanted to share an article I wrote this week for PRDaily about the importance of messaging. We spend so much of our time today

New Media Channel “Brother”Launches for Millennial Men

Elisabeth Murdoch’s media company Vertical Networks is set to launch a made-for-Snapchat mobile video media brand called “Brother” in a few weeks. The brand will appear

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