WhatsApp Is Pulling The Plug On Old Devices

If you are one of the few people still clinging to your Blackberry or some other outdated mobile device, you have yet another reason to

Facebook Admits The App is Draining Your Battery

Has your smart phone been dying a quick death every hour or so? If so, you’ve got Facebook to blame. Facebook has finally admitted their

How Messaging Apps Are Transforming Social Sharing

For a little while now, I’ve been saying the future of social engagement is the messaging app. That’s where the real sharing is taking place

Integrated Marketing Success: Chipotle’s Brilliant & Beautiful Scarecrow

Ladies and gents, it’s rare for a marketing initiative to take my breath away in both the brilliance and the beauty of the campaign. In

Instagram and LinkedIn Add Tagging

Facebook is adding Hashtags. LinkedIn has added @tagging and now Instagram has followed suit. It seems the largest social networks are paying attention to the

Social Media and Healthcare Trends and Behaviors


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