Fan Art Drives Engagement and Makes Your Brand Hip & Cool

Brand fans creating art is nothing new. Sharpie fans, for instance, share so much fan art, there is an entire brand-sponsored blog dedicated to showcasing their

Priest Watches Star Wars Episode VII Trailer And, It Is Sublime (And, Good Content Marketing)

I admit, the interwebs have taken a strange turn when I actively seek out a video to watch someone I don’t know, watching something else I’ve

Brilliant Movie Marketing: Unfinished Business Offers Free Celebrity Stock Photos

Just when you think you’ve seen it all with movie marketing, the latest Vince Vaughn comedy, Unfinished Business has taken things to a whole new

Museum Promotes Itself Off Author’s Name

If you know me at all in real life beyond the little ones and zeroes that bring us together here, you know my all-time favorite

The Avengers Sets Fandango Record

The Avengers made history with with the most opening weekend tickets sold in Fandango history, and a new record for mobile ticket sales. Fandango didn’t share

Getting the Most From Facebook Apps

A pal of mine recently said he’s ditching Facebook because “it’s nothing but a continuous stream of annoying apps begging to be forwarded to friends.”

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